Tuesday, 25 November 2014

LCHF diet brings unexpected cure for mouth ulcers

Since the age of 5 I have been affected by bouts of mouth ulcers. Not the kind that are gone in a few days, mine last for weeks. They are painful and once I get one a batch tend to come along so that I might have 4 or 5 for up to 5 or 6 weeks.  It’s not nice and I’ve tried all the medicines available to no avail.  Friends have recommended other alternatives, like giving up bread or wine (a ghastly thought) but this did not work.

As I have grown older the problem has grown worse.  Last year I had a bout of ulcers that lasted 5 months.  This is no joke, permanent pain day and night - I would have paid a lot of money for a cure. So I had a series of very expensive examinations from one end of my digestive tract to the other, and after 3 months the consultant gastroenterologist was no better off than I. He suggested a bowel biopsy might reveal something, but then it might not; I declined.

This year after changing to a low carb high fat diet in January my mouth ulcers have gone. I mean totally gone. I had one hint of an ulcer in July but it went after 3 days. And now when I bite my cheek accidentally (always the prelude to a fresh bout of ulcers) there is nothing but a faint tingling for a couple of days.

My guess is that this relates in some way to carbohydrates and their relationship with inflammation. But this is just a guess. All I know is that I am pain free, and even if there was nothing else of interest in the LCHF diet (which of course there is) I would stick to it.  


  1. I thought I'd provide an update on this subject. Over the last 20 months I have had just 4 boughts of mouth ulcers, each of them start while I was off the LCHF diet; either on holiday or at Christmas. Any hint of an ulcer at other times has dissapeared very quickly and painlessly.

    I am tempted to try to determine which types of carbs might be responsible for the problem. Gluten is the obvious candidate but I tested negative for gluten intolerence 2 years back. Thetest would require the intruduction of more ulcers and pain. So I am undecided, but it would be nice if I were to lear that the odd beer was OK!

  2. Citric acid is a common culprit of mouth ulcers, it is a genetic trait that some people do not digest citric acid properly and the main gene has been traced to the UK. I have the gene and it is very problematic because most sport drinks and gels are packed with citric acid. If you're LCHF, doubt you're drinking much juice or sport drink these days. Just a thought for ya. Oh and if you also get IBS and GI pain randomly around the same time, the citric acid likes to make sores in the GI.