Thursday, 13 November 2014

LCHF Catalyst Documentary - fresh from Australia

Just watched the latest Catalyst documentary from ABC Australia on Low Carb High Fat diets. It was shown for the first time today.

It was very well made and great credit should be given to presenter Dr Maryanne Demasi and the Catalyst team for producing another documentary after they were so badly treated for their previous expose on Cholesterol & Statins which got recalled due to ruffling too many feathers.

Tim Noakes stars as ever and the addition of Stephen Phinney and the Cricketer Shane Watson add more science and accessibility to the subject, but it is the testimony of Diabetes patient Gabrielle Brunsdon that really makes you stop and listen.

I also like the way that Catalyst post the transscript from the documentary on their web page.
Here it is:

And if you like that, then you will love this!

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