Monday, 19 May 2014

I do like a good fight!

Dr Aseem Malhotra has opened the third round of the Defence of Statins World Title with a heavy blow to the stomach of his tottering opponent Sir Rory Collins. Sir Rory has compared Dr Malhotra's warnings against the expansion of the use of statins to include healthy people with the scaremongering surrounding MMR. Malhotra may have lost round two on an technicality but from the ringside we can see that he is a tougher cookie than the good knight bargained for. His punches come laden with facts.

The Independent gives their view of the contest so far here:

It's a bit like David fighting Goliath. David is a real-world player; he knows the dangers of the biased statistics used to back up the drugs industry's claims; he sees first-hand the side-effects (and the lack of positive effects) that statins have on healthy people. Goliath looks bewildered; should he publish his results and open them up to the scrutiny of people more clever than himself? He looks lost in the spotlight of his own fame and self-belief. When he falls there is going to be an almighty crash.

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