Thursday, 15 May 2014

LCHF and high intensity training

Still writing the next big post on Sugar. We met Aseem Malhotra after his lecture at Guy's Hospital and this inspired me to write something. Maybe next week.

Aseem in the news today; bad boy for saying that 20% of people taking statins get side-effects; it might only be 10% but that's still awful when you consider that statins don't actually make you any better unless you already have cardiocascular disease; and for those that do we don't know what it is about statins that lower your risk for death, apart from the fact that it has nothing to do with lowering cholesterol!

So anyway, my LCHF thought for the day is this: how is it that I can get a PB on the local 1K hill sprint powered by fat?

One commonly suggested feature of LCHF for runners is that whilst it can be good for endurance (as we have an almost limitless supply of fat) it is not so good for high intensity training. This is a land where apparently carbs are still king.

Well I am currently doing longer kettlebell sessions with bigger weights than I have ever done before. I am also doing rep sessions at just as high intensity as I was doing prior to my Brighton Marathon PB on carbs last year. And finally, I run up the Tank Tracks yesterday in a time faster than 3 years ago when I was fighting fit for a sub-4 3 Peaks. I bashed myself to bits to achive that and now I have beaten it on LCHF. What's more, I know I can do better.

Another myth busted?

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