Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I do love a good battle!

Further to my recent post on the statin fight ( it looks like the proposals to widen the use of statins are now turning into a good old battle!

On one side we have the doctors - reposonsible for our daily care and for prescribing drugs - saying that they are concerned that there is not enough evidence to support wider use of statins and that they are worried about the side-effects; and on the other side we have the National Institute of Care Excellence (NICE) who are proposing the change. Most of the board of NICE are directly involved with or partially funded by the drugs companies making Statins. That's NICE!

The opening skermishes look to be over, nearly everyone has had a chance to decide whose side they are on and now the big guns are being rolled out as described today in The Telegraph

The president of the Royal College of Physicians Sir Richard Thompson is on 'our' side, and bunch of not so NICE professors (who refuse to share their research data with the public) are clearly on the side of big-pharma.

Now Jeremy Hunt has to decide which side he is going to join. It could be a career-changer for him and a life-changer for the rest of us!

Good luck Jeremy.

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