Monday, 2 June 2014

What I’ve been reading

Anyone who enjoyed Richard Askwith’s Feet in the Clouds will be equally impressed by his new book Running Free.  Richard makes his way through the whole gamut of modern running; alternating between describing philosophising around early morning runs through his local fields and thoughts on Tough Mudder, Gym membership, high-tec clothing, supplements and why anyone might wish to buy a treadmill for their dog. As the title suggests he prefers to be free of all this as he just loves running for its own sake and doesn’t carry a GPS watch or wear the latest Asics shoes. But his style is never patronising, admitting that he has enjoyed being a gym monster and a rep counter in the past. He admits to now being at the “4th stage of running”; past his best but still able to turn in a good performance from time to time – just no longer caring about results. An eloquent, amusing and engaging read.

I’ve  also just received a copy of The Real Meal Revolution (Tim Noakes et al). Hot off the press in South Africa this book looks like a bible for LCHF living. Along with loads of fantastic looking recipes there are explanatory chapters covering the diet and how it relates to people with diabetes, pregnancy, etc. Anyone interested in food and health should read this book. Reading the explanatory chapters is like listening to a respected uncle speaking at your wedding, affirming the path you have just taken in life.  Just getting to work on some of the fantastic recipes.

My book group have been reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.  A wonderful picture of pre-colonial tribal life in Nigeria, describing the traditions, politics, deaths marriages and soap-operas of village life. Witches, superstitions, cookery, wars and learning. Great knowledge and respect passed between generations. The approach of the white man and the sudden loss of everything of any importance. Like staring at a masterpiece in a gallery – a slow education, a sudden realisation and then the painful truth.

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  1. By the way. A new batch of The Real Meal Revolution is now available at Kalahari Publishing. It's been a bestseller in our village and all over South Africa for a while now.