Monday, 11 August 2014

Not all saturated fats are the same!

Major new research from Cambridge University and the Medical Research Council suggests that some saturated fats are associated with type 2 diabetes, while others are not.

The research shows that odd-chained fatty acids contained in dairy in particular are associated with (but do not necessarily promote) better health, whereas foods with even-chained fatty acids such as red meat, alcohol, soft drinks, margarine and potatoes, are associated with a greater likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.  

More research is needed to determine if this association is a by-product of some other process or a direct link to development of diabetes, but the this represents a big step forward in our understanding of diet and diabetes.

Clearly the policy of regarding all saturated fats as bad, and replacing them with something that is worse (carbohydrates) is starting to unravel, and it is no surprise to learn that some of these natural foods are actually likely to be good for us. 

I think that this research shows that we have to be prepared to learn more about the food that we eat rather than adopt the sweeping generalisations promoted by the food and drugs industries.

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